Self-Esteem – The Negativity Challenge

July 26, 2014 Self Esteem

A friend told my wife of her intention of going for two weeks without being negative. How about you? Would you accept a challenge like that? Should you even try? There are many benefits to doing so but is this the way to go about it?

This is a communication problem that is tied in with low self-esteem. It has to do with how you see the world around you, how you express your views to others, and your self-talk about how you feel about it.

First off, is ridding yourself of complaints, regrets, resentments and angry outbursts a goal you should be making for yourself? Without question! They are all things that hold you back and make you a victim.

That creates another challenge. If you give up being a victim, who will you have to feel sorry for you and what will you do with your list of excuses for why your life turned out the way it has?

I lived that way for many years. This is definitely doable and will change your life big-time. If you are ever to raise your self-esteem and improve your communication skills, ridding your world of negativity is paramount.

The two week thing, however, is a problem. if you make that the target, you will either fail or succeed. If you fail on Day Three, should you then just trash the entire idea? If you succeed, what will you do on Day Fifteen? Would that be the day you would release all this pent-up negativity?

Rather than setting such a goal, I would suggest a much shorter and achievable one. It should be one day at a time or maybe even shorter. If you have a lot of negativity in your life, you might want to focus your attention on one aspect of it – such as how much complaining you do. That, in itself, can bring about dramatic changes in your life.

If you are involved in a 12 step programme, you might look to someone who has found happiness in their life and ask for assistance in understanding and applying the appropriate steps.

“At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

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