Gratitude – Savouring Precious Moments

May 6, 2015 Gratitude

precious moments

In times long past, I used to carry a heavy load of resentments with me everywhere I went. They were readily available to use as excuses for the dismal view I had of the world and why everything was always so unfair.

  • Do you have resentments against people over matters long past?
  • Do you feel your life would have worked out better if you had been raised differently?
  • Do you blame others for how you feel about yourself, how you react to situations, or how you relate to others?

Yes, I used to feel that way as well.

Where your thoughts go, energy flows. Your minds set up patterns that you routinely follow. If you keep blaming your lousy life on someone else, “blame” and “lousy life” become your focus. Keep repeating that blame everyday and you are guaranteed not to be happy.  Some people ride that train for many years. It is never easy to break free from systems that you set down and accept for what you perceive to be real, but you must if you are ever going to move towards your potential.

Focusing on the negativity in your life releases stress hormones which are meant to be used in short bursts in emergency situations. This is detrimental to your health and well-being – physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. It can lead to very serious conditions. Choosing not to forgive allows the hurt to continue to do its damage.

How do you let go of negative thoughts and actions so you can take charge of how you feel? First, you must realize that resentments have to do with your past. You are angry over what has happened to you. Anxieties are associated with your future. You can be angry about what you predict will happen. All negative thoughts and feelings have to do with the past or future.

Turning your focus to gratitude switches things up to living in the now. That is the only place you will find contentment, happiness, love, trust and all the other things which are your birthright. That’s right, I did say birthright. You deserve to be happy.

Savouring Precious Moments is one of the ways to achieve your objective and turn your life around. Stop right now and consider some precious moment in your life. It might be the birth of a child, your wedding vows (or reverse the order), an achievement of some sort, or some spectacle you witnessed. Heidi and I were at the Taj Mahal on the eve of the full moon. It was breathtaking.

Okay, have you thought of something. Good! Now close your eyes and take a couple of deeper breaths. . . . . Now picture your precious moment with as much detail as you can remember. . . . . Now remember how you felt at that time.

  1. What senses were aroused? Feel them again now.
  2. How did you feel in your body? Feel it again there now.
  3. How did you feel in your face? Feel it again there now.
  4. What emotions flowed through you? Let them wash over you once more.

When you were focusing on negative energy, you were subconsciously directing your brain to send out stress chemicals. Now, you are doing the opposite. The biochemicals flooding through you with this exercise fill you with feelings of well-being, of happiness.

I will share one more of my precious moments (if you promise not to tell Heidi). It was thirty-three years ago yesterday that I kissed her for the first time. Our wedding that came much later was for friends and family. Our First Kiss anniversary is our own. It was totally spontaneous as we were not dating, just good friends, but the moment I kissed her I knew my whole life had changed. I was right, and I can recall that moment anytime I like.

Think about the precious moments in your life and savour them often. You will be glad you did.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”






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