Time to DE-Junk

September 27, 2015 Responsibility


Do you hang on to things you do not have any more use for? Are you a pack-rat who assigns emotional attachment to objects preventing you from letting go of them. Do you find excuses not to DE-junk?

Heidi and I had a yard sale yesterday and today, mostly to DE-junk our basement. As time goes by, it is common to accumulate a number of things for which you no longer have any use. In my case, there were a lot of books I have read  as well as carpentry tools I have not used for quite some time.

There is quite a process going through your things and assigning importance to them. To let them go, you have to decide they are either no longer offering whatever use they originally did or they have become a detriment. Many times in my life I have gone deeper and completed an emotional and spiritual inventory as well for the very same purpose – to DE-junk my heart and mind.

I had to face up to the fact that my life was off track. I had to also admit that my loneliness, anger, anxiety and frustrations were the results of the way I lived my life rather than being the cause of it. My moral inventory had to be deep and searching. It required courage, honesty and a willingness to change. I knew if I was going to DE-junk my life, it was the only course open to me.

How is your life going?

  • Are you satisfied continuing on the same course you have been following?
  • Do you have a basement full of resentments, regrets, guilty feelings and worries about your future?
  • Do you have them filed away on their own little shelves and in their own little cubbyholes awaiting someone or something to activate them with the right trigger?
  • Have you considered that whatever the origins of these emotional upsets were, it no longer serves you to keep reliving them?
  • Have you ever considered how different your life would be if you could DE-junk them from your life?

If you desire to change your life, you have to take the responsibility for doing so. No one can make you do it as you are the only one who can look inside your heart. This is where skilled help is most definitely recommended. NO ONE NEED DO IT ALONE. Many have been able to start their lives over again, just as I have done – stronger and better than ever before.

I was thirty years old when I first struggled with this. I had asked for guidance from a man I felt was well qualified but when it came to opening up with him, I found my ego blocking my attempt. I got very little out of the meeting, then, as I was leaving the room, I spotted a plaque on the wall bearing the quotation by Harvey Cox stating, “Not to Decide is to Decide.”

It was exactly the message I needed. It made everything clear. If I chose not to decide as I had been doing, my life was guaranteed more of the pain, misery and unhappiness I was so familiar with. The responsibility was mine to change my ways and to get the help I needed. Since that day, my life has been blessed with countless opportunities to help others who have decided to DE-junk their lives as well.

If you have lots of stuff you no longer need, either physically or emotionally, it is time to get rid of it.

“Filling your life with junk is a great way of hiding from your dreams. When you’re surrounded by clutter, it slows you down and distracts you from getting on with what’s necessary to create the life you really want. Clutter is usually a sign that you’re afraid. Unconsciously, you distract yourself with falling over the small stuff so you don’t have to face the fear of dealing with the big stuff. The more clutter and junk you have in your life and in your cupboards, the more scared you are.”
– Suzy Greaves
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