You Can Change Everything

October 21, 2015 Change


How do you handle change? Most people face it with reluctance. They want to hang on to what they know, what they are familiar with. This is true even if things are not going very well. I used to live that way.

When I look back over my life, I can see turning points where a sudden change in relationships, occupation, residence, circumstances, or most importantly, attitude, put a different spin on my life. On many occasions, I dug my heels in and resisted but when the new routine or circumstance had become a part of me, I kicked myself for having held back. Invariably, my life became better is some way.

Canada has just elected a new Prime Minister with a strong majority government. This came about through the perceived need for change after close to ten years with a different political party.

Regardless of whether you care at all about politics or are a Canadian or not, ponder the following:

  1. During the campaign, our next Prime Minister exceeded everyone’s expectations by moving from third place to a commanding victory. Have you ever exceeded other people’s expectations through your actions? Did it make you feel like a winner? Do you feel encouraged to do it again?
  2. What the lead up to the vote gave us was a time to examine and re-evaluate our vision of what we wanted for our country. Do you ever do that on a personal level? What is your personal vision? What kind of person do you aspire to be in five or ten years from now? What kind of change would you have to make to accomplish it? Who are the people you would like to have in your Cabinet as Change Advisers?
  3. The election provided a venue for leaders from across the country to step up with conviction and present their skills. Do you exhibit leadership skills at work, with your family or within your community? Are you a resource for some kind of skill, service or advice?
  4. The election provided the opportunity for many thousands of supporters to confirm their beliefs by coming together to help in whatever way they could. Do you get involved in some way to support an organization, movement, or spiritual path you believe in? How could you involve yourself more?
  5. On election day, people were asked to make an informed decision and mark their ballot. Many people can’t be bothered. Do you appreciate your opportunity to have a free will and to share your hopes and aspirations for your future? Instead, do you allow others to make all the important decisions in your life and just go with the flow? Are you happy with how other people run your life?

There are definite clues here about how you can change your life.

According to Harvey Cox, “Not to decide is to decide.” Perhaps you have decided not to change. You are quite content with whatever hang ups, resentments, hot button items and fears of the future which make up part of who you are. I used to think that way. None of those characteristics ever brought me happiness or peace of mind. The world is changing all around you. Trying to hang on to the way things used to be just brings frustration and anger.

We face many challenges in our lives which are placed in our paths to help us change and grow. Ignoring them only guarantees that they will come back and present themselves to us again in a different manner. Accept the challenge – YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING.

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