Who is Haddy and Why is He Happy . . .

Over thirty years ago, when my wife Heidi and I were first dating, she commented on how I was the luckiest man she had ever met. I smiled and wondered if anyone else would make the same observations.

I had grown up without a mother, grandmother or any source of female wisdom. Low self-esteem, poor communication skills, challenged physical health and a long struggle with alcoholism had dogged my every step. Twice divorced, I had known the anxiety of separation from my children and bitterness towards the woman who I had once loved. I had been abused, neglected, and had my life threatened  more times than I can remember. I had experienced the indignity of being beaten and left bleeding in a gutter. Depression, haunting loneliness, resentments and suspicion had once been foremost in my thoughts. I have also lost a son to suicide.

When I first met Heidi, however, major changes had transpired in my life. One of the things she noted was that almost everywhere we went, people would be happy to see me. Many of them were down and out drunks who I had dealt with while working in a correctional centre for alcoholic offenders. I had revamped and taught the Alcohol Awareness programme there as well as honing my skills as a counsellor. It was while working with the so-called dregs of society that I had learned to treat others with respect as well as learning to respect myself.

I have had many people come and go in my life as well as unique circumstances that have brought me the lessons I needed to turn my life around. Through these writings I will share what I have learned and, hopefully, point the way where you can find the daily happiness and contentment that I have come to know and expect.

Am I lucky as my wife once suggested? Perhaps, but creating happiness in one’s life is something I see as a choice. I no longer have good and bad days, instead, I experience easy ones and challenging ones. The major lessons I have grown from came as a result of addressing the challenges. When things appear to be sour, I look for the sweet outcome which will make it all worthwhile.

Yes, I expect miracles and am never disappointed.

7 responses for Who is Haddy and Why is He Happy . . .

  1. Tim Perritt says:

    Wow, Haddy – very impressive!

    Thanks for the link.


  2. Christine says:

    You are an incredibly gifted writer and counsellor. Your smile can make anyone’s bad day into a great one.

  3. Bob Rorison says:

    I appreciate your words of Wisdom.


  4. oundo isaac says:

    thanks alot for such encouraging words dear.

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